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Scenic island cruises

Archipelago cruises

M/S Famnen tours the archipelago of Turku on routes customised to meet your needs.

Meeting cruises, sales meetings, farewell parties, client events. These are just some examples of the events that can take place onboard M/S Famnen, whose crew would be more than happy to take care of all the arrangements.

Dining, entertaining, bathing in the sauna and many other activities can be arranged onboard, and for larger group events we can locate a perfect spot in the archipelago.


Overnight cruises are also available. M/S Famnen has 6 cabins and 12 beds. The archipelago is packed with places to stay.

Cottages, hotels, villas — the options are endless. A small selection of places to stay in the archipelago: Parainen Airisto Strand,  Nauvo StrandboNauvo LanternaUtö, Åland Islands and Mariehamn Western Harbour.

Sandö Nauvo Bengtskär Gullkrona Utö Kastelholm Seili Sandö Nauvo Bengtskär Gullkrona Utö Kastelholm Seili

Destinations in the archipelago

M/S Famnen tours the archipelago of Turku on routes customised to meet your needs.

Below is a selection of different options and destinations to choose from.


A stunning ridge island in Kimito Islands. As the name suggests, this island harbours some geologically rare sand beaches and sand ridges. It is located some 30 km south of Turku.


Nagu is a charming and lively archipelago community with approximately 1500 inhabitants. During the summer Nagu’s population balloons with the arrival of summer guests. Nagu consists of two main islands, Storlandet and Lillandet, and of the unique archipelago with its 3000 islands, islets and skerries. Seasonal changes inspire and mould the lifestyle in the archipelago in unique ways.

Bengtskär lighthouse

Bengtskär’s dramatic history and the rugged beauty of the island are bound to make a visit to this lighthouse unforgettable. In addition to the historic and cultural aspects, the island is an extraordinary nature destination, as it is a harsh, rocky island in the outer edge of the archipelago.

Luonnonmaa island

We will sail under the Ukko-Pekka bridge and make a tour around the Naantali Old Town bay. As we go by the Finnish president’s summer residence Kultaranta, we shall salute the president. Once we have sailed around Luonnonmaa, we will return to Airisto and, as night starts to fall, meet the big ferries sailing between Finland and Sweden.


Gullkrona is an island in the Archipelago Sea, south from Nagu in Pargas, about 4 nautical miles southeast from Kirjais. On the highest point of the island there is an old pilot cottage with a small museum. Gullkrona island has a nice nature trail as well.


Utö is a small island in the outer archipelago. It is the southernmost island inhabited all year round in Finland. Utö’s bare and rugged vistas never fail to fascinate birdwatchers and others, who appreciate the lifestyle far away in the outer archipelago. Utö’s strategic location has been important for pilotage and military purposes. The permanent military presence ended in 2005 but there are still two military areas on the island.


Nötö is an island south of Nagu. It is one of the biggest islands within the Archipelago National Park. Due to its central location it has always been an important social and commercial hub. As an old island of peasants, Nötö has a distinct agricultural feel, which is unique amongst the outer archipelago islands. Nötö has a well-preserved traditional village with culturally and historically important estates. An old windmill stands in the village center, and a few minutes walk from the harbour takes you to a chapel inaugurated in 1757. During the summer season, there is a cafeteria in the old primary school building, where various events, such as art exhibitions, are held.


Kastelholm’s guest harbour is located almost in the heart of Åland in a sheltered inlet north of Lumparn bay, which is notorious for its crosswinds. Past meets present in the harbour, as opposite the historic Kastelholm castle, across the bay, is Slottsbanan, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Nordic countries.


The Finnish name of the island, Seili, is derived from the Swedish Själö, which means “Seal island”. Själ is the old form of säl, or seal, in Swedish. The name indicates that the island has been a retreat for seals and an attraction for seal hunters in early times.

Currently the island hosts the Archipelago Research Institute, a special unit of the University of Turku. In the summer, the Seili Museum Church is open to public.

Golf cruises

We’d be happy to plan a perfect itinerary together with you by combining leisure time at sea, fine dining and golf.

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